Reduce human error

Our robust system quadruple checks every claim, catching errors before they're made.

Increase opportunity

A team of analysts reviews each claim for details a computer might not notice.

All Data makes it

Untangle yourself from the endless paperwork and focus on what you do best: practicing medicine.

Keep your practice flowing with blip-free onboarding + integration

Our system is designed to easily integrate with your existing system or EMR company. Your setup team will transitions you over in under 3 days.

Stay in control with total transparency

We’re an open book. Login to the client portal to monitor progress and track exactly what’s being recovered, and when. Call your rep anytime for an update.

Recover what you earned with aggressive follow-up

A robust system that crosses every ‘t’.' A dedicated team that dots each ‘i.'

The team and tech that make AD tick

Plug into powerful proprietary
software that works

Personalized Portal

Peek into the inner workings of your claims whenever you’d like. Run analysis reports and mine deeper into your system to find areas for improvement.

Robust Backend

Our system notifies your rep of any issues as they happen, and reminds them to follow-up until a claim is paid in full. And our up-to-date rules engine catches errors before they occur.

Patient-Friendly Online Payments

Build trust with patients and collect payments faster. Our simple-to-navigate online patient payment platform makes it easy for patients to see and pay what they owe

Harness the collective power of a team of coders, analysts,
and specialists who truly care about your practice

A team that’s 100% yours

We’re an open book. Login to the client portal to monitor progress and track exactly what’s being recovered, and when. Call your rep anytime for an update.

30+ years’ experience at your disposal

We’ve been doing medical billing a long time. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, continuously adapting to industry and regulation changes, and building long-standing, positive relationships with insurance companies along the way.

Tap into our vast network

Whatever your practice is billing for, we’ve billed for it before. And each time we succeed or fail, we gather what we’ve learned and use that shared knowledge to improve billing practices for each and every one of our clients - including you.

The specialists at All Data are simply unparalleled. From ensuring clean outgoing claims to resolving all billing issues, they are the best deal in town.

Juan Sandoval, MD

It’s like we actually have a highly skilled professional in-house billing staff, who excel at maximizing the payment of every single claim

Romeo Jones, MD

When I decided to relocate my private practice to Nashville, I had many offers from local medical billers. However they could not compare to All Data's services and results.

Alexander Prikhojan, MD

The skilled billers at All Data have been very helpful. I do not have the need for in-house billers; hence reduce payroll size.

Felix Oviasu, MD


Give your practice a clean
bill of health

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